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24 September 2020

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122:45 observation hours, 4 year


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lat: 42.34324, lng: -76.50394


This is a fall migration observation site well positioned in the region for viewing waterfowl & raptor migration as well as morning flight of certain passerines. Data from a proximal nocturnal flight call monitoring station is available at:

The watch site is located in the heart of the southbound waterfowl flyway funneling out of Canada toward the mid-Atlantic coastal region of the United States. It is on a gradually rising hill 13 km directly south of one of the largest lakes in New York State, Cayuga Lake, which is a long relatively narrow lake running NNW-SSE for ~60 km. Shortly after sunrise, the watch site catches southbound waterfowl departures from Cayuga Lake and then a bit later in the morning the flight from Lake Ontario, which originates about 120 km to the north. The result can be some notably large inland waterfowl count totals.